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Party Packages

Our parties are completely customizable. You choose the craft, number of guests, time and place. We take care of the rest! 


Kids Parties


Parties for kids have a base price of $150. This includes:

  • Pre-party prep

  • Travel (up to 20 miles)

  • Craft set up, completion and clean up with 2 party leaders

An additional charge will be applied for each artist to cover the cost of supplies for your chosen craft. Charges range from $2-$6. 

For project choices, click here!

Adult Parties


Parties for adults are priced "per artist". Each guest will pay the advertised price for the chosen project. 

We want you to walk away with something you love, so adult parties are very relaxed! You pick a project, and we'll bring a selection of sample designs to choose from. Each guest will create something that is truly their own. 

For project choices, click here!


Mommy and Me Parties 


Mommy and Me Parties are priced similar to adult parties. Prices are based on each "mommy and me" pair. Groups of three or more are also welcome at an adjusted price. 

For project choices, click here!

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